Display ground-truth and predictions side-by-side


My runs.summary[‘Validation-Table’] has an image column. When I click on an image I see box-ground-truth(box) and box-predictions(box) and the labels I have. I tried adding a panel with images but images is grayed out in the panel section…

How can I view the ground truth and predicted images with bounding boxes side-by-side?

Hi @kineret, thanks for writing in! Would you mind sharing a link to your project so I can take a look?

Here is a link.

Hi @kineret , thanks for sharing this! This is because the runs that you’re seeing aren’t logging images directly bur rather a table that only has 1 row. Would you mind sharing an example of how ideally you’d like to visualize your images so I can help?

Ideally like the Compare Models example on this page. You’ll see that ground truth and prediction are shown side-by-side.

Thanks for sharing this @kineret! I took a look but in the example you shared, the table has two different columns for ground truth and prediction which allows the side-by-side visualization. You would need to do something similar when creating your table on the SDK to be able to have this visualization. Here is the code used to create that table. Please let me know if this is helpful!