Detectron2 Visualization


Has anyone already implemented a visulalization of segmentation or object detection tasks using the detectron2 library?
There is already a GitHub issue on this: Visualizations on W&B · Issue #3404 · facebookresearch/detectron2 · GitHub but I was wondering if anyone might already has a somewhat usable code to start with.



@ben-spex Hi. I’m AyushExel from that github thread. I’m working on a detectron2 integration. detection and instance segmentation is supported but I’m refining it further to support more use cases.
Here’s my branch - GitHub - AyushExel/detectron2 at wandb
Here are the changes I made - W&B integration by AyushExel · Pull Request #2 · AyushExel/detectron2 · GitHub

I’ll add more instructions for using this integration by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

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Hi @cayush
ah perfect awesome. I just had a quick glance and it looks like exactly what I was hoping for.

I will not have time this week, except for maybe the weekend. But I will definitely give it a try next week.

Thanks a lot for all the effort.

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