Deleting data from self-hosted server

I saw this post, but it doesn’t answer my question. We are running a self-hosted wandb instance. We have somewhat limited space, though we’ve been good about deleting old runs through the interface.

We thought deleting from the interface would also delete the physical files from the hard disk, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. For example, going into the minio folder on the server shows a particular project taking up 130 GB of space, while wandb reports 30 GB. That’s a big difference!

How do we really really delete files from minio that wandb no longer knows anything about?

Suggestion: please have a central /usage/ URL for admins to look through usage from all teams and users rather than having to go through each one individually!

@tkott, I’m looking into this but I believe there isn’t a way through the UI to physically delete the files from your hard drive. I’ll look into this more to confirm this and if this is indeed the case, I can put in a feature request for you to make this possible through the UI.

Thank you,

Hi Nate – so how do you suggest that we free up space generally then? Do we have to note the hash / digest of files and look for them on the minio server by hand?

I would expect that if you “delete” from the server with a big scary “this is a permanent operation” type warning, that the server will, in fact, remove the files. If it doesn’t remove the files, it isn’t actually a permanent operation since the files can be salvaged (albeit with some work).


@nathank any suggestions for how do it programmatically through wandb in the meantime?