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I am using W&B on a personal plan and I have surpassed the freely available storage. After some cleaning up I do not see any changes in my reported storage usage. Whereas I have not cleaned up my entire working space, I do still expect the cleanup to have a significant impact. I have also found this issue in previous posts (e.g. here) all of which have been resolved. Maybe it is the same bug again?

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Hi Thomas,

it does seem like most of your storage is coming from this project - cross-language-transfer , from artifacts. I am assuming to clear the space out, you deleted a few of your older artifacts?


Hi Artsiom,

yes I removed almost all of my runs and selected to remove the artifacts with it. However, I have now understood that I also need to manually remove the empty artifacts in order for the storage to actually be freed. But I am only able to remove each artifact individually. Is there a way to do this automatically or maybe to select multiple artifacts at once?

Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately, there is no simple way of directly deleting multiple artifacts from a run programmatically in the UI.

You could possibly try doing it programmatically:

Make sure to replace entity, project_name, and run_id with your specific values:

pythonimport wandbapi = wandb.Api()run ='entity/project_name/run_id')for artifact in run.logged_artifacts(): artifact.delete(delete_aliases=True)

This code will iterate through all the artifacts logged in the specified run and delete them. If an artifact has one or more aliases, the delete_aliases=True parameter will also ensure that the aliases are deleted.


Hi there, I wanted to follow up on this request. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.

Hey Artsiom,

sadly your code did not work because the runs do not exist anymore - only the artifacts. I tried to instead find a way so I could maybe list all artifacts of a project and then remove after filtering (e.g. removing all artifacts with 0 versions), but I did not suceed.

However, I have found that under UserSettings → ManageStorage I can select and remove multiple artifacts at once. For my purposes this resolves the issue.

Thank you for your assistance and have a nice weekend!

Hey Thomas!

Thank you so much for the update and I am very glad you were able to resolve the issue on your own. UserSettings → Manage storage is a great solution.

Have a great rest of your week!
Always feel free to write it for help :slight_smile:

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