🚨 Course Update and LLM Training & Finetuning AMA🚨

We are so excited to make two very important announcements!

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Our Training & Finetuning LLMs course is now LIVE :rocket::fire::tada:


Brought to you by W&B and MosaicML (featuring experts from Microsoft and Meta)

:rocket: Master Parameter-efficient Training Techniques
:mag: Dive Deep into LLM Evaluation
:books: Explore Datasets for LLM Training
:computer: Discover Essential Hardware Requirements


I’m sure you have tons of questions about this course…GOOD! Join us on Discord on Tuesday, October 24 at 11:00 AM ET for our LLM Training and Fine-tuning AMA with MosaicML’s Jonathan Frankle and Darek Kłeczek in #⁠llm-training_fine-tuning-ama

“Test it for yourself.” Those words from MosaicML’s Jonathan Frankle on the important practice of training and fine-tuning Large Language Models. Join us on Tuesday, October 24 at 11:00 AM ET for an AMA with Course Instructors Jonathan Frankle and Darek Kłeczek . Ask your questions on topics ranging from:

  • Fundamentals of Large Language Models
  • Curating a Dataset
  • Establishing an Evaluation Approach
  • Training and Fine-Tuning techniques

And More! Can’t wait? Start asking your questions now by commenting below or asking them on Discord so they can be prioritized and answered first!