Code Comparer can only show the difference of main training file

If I call"."), all python source code files in the current directory are saved in W&B cloud. That’s what I want.

However, only changes in main training file where I call wandb.init() can be shown in Code Comparer. The change in other file (like will not appear in code panel. Do you have any suggestions about it?

Hi Yao, thanks for writing in! As you have said, you can’t compare in the panel other files than the one where you call wandb.init(), but you can compare them in the artefacts tab. I send you a video on how to do this. Please let me know if this would work for you.

Thanks for your help. But I can’t find the video in my email. Maybe it was blocked by the email system. Can you send it to my google email:

Hi Yao! I have already sent the video to your google email. Please let me know if you have received it and if this would work for you.

Thanks! The video is really helpful! To make it easier for people with the same problem to find the answer, I’ll briefly describe the method in the video:

  1. Open Artifacts page.
  2. Click files.
  3. Click ‘compare’ button here:

Hi Yao, thanks for your suggestion! Is there anything else I can help you with?

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