Enable code saving for certain projects


I’m trying to figure out how code saving might work on a case-by-case basis for command-line runs (a plain .py file).
When I enable the “Enable code saving in your personal account” in the settings, code shows up.
When I disable it, I hoped that wandb.init(save_code=True) would do the same, but while the code shows up in the local wandb directory and it seems that the wanb interface knows about the file, it does not have it (see screenshot below).

The sync at the end is summarized as
Synced 5 W&B file(s), 0 media file(s), 0 artifact file(s) and 1 other file(s).

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I could use a hint what it is.

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Hello @t-vi !

I was able to reproduce this issue on my end with wandb SDK version 0.15.5. Could you let me know your SDK version for me? I will be making a bug report on this behavior and knowing your SDK version is helpful to know when the issue started.

Hello @raphael-sanandres ,

thank you for your reply.
When I hit this, I upgraded to 0.15.5, so this is one version I am seeing this with.

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Just to let you know, you can avoid this bug by also defining the project in wandb.init().
For example:

wandb.init(project = <project> , save_code = True)

I still will be making a bug report but wanted to let you know of the workaround while it is being fixed.

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