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I am having an issue of running wandb on a slurm cluster and the artifacts populate in my user dir ~/.local/share/wandb/artifacts/staging. This dir is populated with tmp* files. I want to change the environment variable to reroute this path, but none of the paths listed on the storage docs do it.

Those same docs say that you can run$ wandb artifact cache cleanup 1GB from the cmd line but it is unclear of this is for the cache ~/.cache. Since this command only caps the cache it is hard to tell if it is working without hitting the 1GB limit. Can you help clarify if this command is for ~/.local/share/wandb/artifacts/staging or if it is for ~/.cache? Thanks for any help.

Hi @mjvolk3, thanks for your question! Do you know if .local/share is the system cache directory? The default path should be ~/cache/wandb/artifacts/ unless you set WANDB_CACHE_DIR. Said this, wandb artifact cache cleanup should be for ~/cache/wandb/artifacts/ since this is the default cache dir. Also, could you check with env | grep -i wandb* if WANDB_CACHE_DIR is set?

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Hi there, I do think that .local/share is the system cache directory. This is a bit of an issue because we have limited space on our login node to 25 GB and ~/cache/wandb/artifacts/staging will often go over my memory capacity. Within this dir there are many files like tmp4xngbfu5 , which I assume is some temporary file for uploading artifacts to wandb server. This does seem to be distinct from WANDB_CACHE_DIR because I have started manually setting this to a different directory within my python scripts. For now I just delete this dir when it gets too large but this is not a sustainable solution.

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