Cannot delete academic account

Hi all,

I’ve had an academic account with 2 other collaborators, but that project has now ended and I want to delete this academic account to create a new one for future collaborators.

I’m not sure how the terminology exactly works, but I’ve already asked an admin of that project and he removed me from the team. So I don’t have access to the runs, etc but my account is still there

However, the academic account is still visible in my profile and I see no obvious way to delete it.
Any help/ideas on how can I delete that account without affecting the rest of the project users?

Hi @theodorju Good day and thank you for reaching out to us. Happy to help you on this!

Once you have been removed from the team, you should not be able to access the team from your profile. I want to know if you are still able to access the team from your end?

Also, I would like to clarify when you said that the team is still visible on your profile, can you send me a screenshot of it so I can take a look?


Hi @paulo-sabile, thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately it is not easy to share a screenshot in this forum. What I meant is that when I click on my profile picture on top right, I see both an academic account and my own personal account., even though they removed me from the project.

What I believe might have happened is that they removed me from the project but not from the team itself.

Is there a way to remove myself from the team (I have admin rights) or does some other admin have to do it?

Hi @theodorju Thank you for clarifying this. So since you are still able to see your academic account when clicking your profile picture, can you confirm if you are still able to switch to the academic account if you click on it?

We can review this for you, could you please share the academic team name and your username and email address in wandb?

Hi @paulo-sabile, they had indeed removed me only from the project. They have now also removed me from the team and thus the academic account is not visible on my profile anymore.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your update @theodorju ! I am happy to hear that all is good now from your end. I will now mark this request as solved. Please feel free to reach out to us again if you need assistance!

Best Regards,