Cannot add a service account member to a team


I’m planning to start several wandb runs from a service that is not tied to any team member. I found on wandb’s doc that a service account can be added for this kind of purpose. Currently I was added to the team by the owner with an admin role but I can’t add a service member as shown in the attached screenshot. What I’m missing wrt to the documentation?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pio-fina ,

Happy to help. To further investigate, could we ask for your profile link please.

@joana-marie sure! My profile

Thank you for sharing your profile link @pio-fina. We would like to inform you that Service Accounts were currently offered to Enterprise Account, details here. Hope this helps clarify your inquiry.

Thanks a lot! @joana-marie I would like to suggest to improve this section maybe adding a reference to team’s roles doc?

Glad to help @pio-fina and thank you for your suggestion we are making an update to reflect this information and will have it release by next week. Marking this as resolved and feel free to reach us out again for any concerns.

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