Make user admin for trial


I’m trialing wanb for my company to see if its something we’re interested in using. My account is a “member” account even though i’m the one who created the Team. I’d like to invite other team members to my team but because my user isn’t “admin” status I cannot. How can I get my team members added to the wand team I created?

Thank you,

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Hi Blake,

Welcome to our forums and Thanks for flagging this! I’ll request the team to look into this and help you out ASAP. I’ll reply as soon as I hear back (Slack appears to be down today so it might take a little longer :slight_smile: )

In the meantime, please feel free to send any feedback/questions our way about W&B or beyond.


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I was wondering if there has been any update on this? We are trialing different services and will be making a decision shortly, so it would be helpful for me to show this to my team.

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Hey @openblake,

Apologies for the small delay and Thanks for giving this a bump and checking!

I’ve re-requested the team to look into it, we’ll have someone help you out today.

Hey Blake, can you tell me your organization name and your username?

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openblakeis my username and my organization is OpenSpace

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You are now an admin of the team, Blake. Let me know if there are any issues

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