Cannot access runs because W&B interface miscalculates storage


I went way over my free account storage yesterday because W&B was logging and synching an artifact for every model checkpoint.

I have since deleted all of those, but the interface will not recalculate my storage usage.

See the estimate for this project (1.6TB):

But when I open that folder, there is only 55mb.

After waiting a full day, the estimate still does not seem to be updating. What can I do so I can access my projects?

Seems like this has been a known bug for years: Storage limit under free plan: How long until freed space is recognised? - #2 by nathank

Is there any fix or work around?

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Hi @adamits sorry you experienced this - Storage should have been updated now and you should be able to access your projects. Please let me know if that is not the case and we can investigate further.