Can’t free up space

When I click free up or buy more, it shows no access.

Hi Yuang,

Good day. Happy to help you on this one.

Would you be able to provide your username and email address in wandb so we can review this from our end?

If you are not an admin for the team that you are trying to access, you may reach out to your team admin to reduce your data by going into your projects and deleting runs/artifacts that are taking up a lot of storage.


Hi Yuang, since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know!

username: yuangpeng
I am a team admin, but this seems to be a personal account.

Hi @yuangpeng Apologies for my delayed response on this. Are you still having the same issues? If yes, can you also provide us the URL of that page that gives you the message?