Alpha channel of standard deviation

can I change the alpha channel for an area of standard deviation around the line chart? Now it’s not contrasting for me. I cannot recognise well the background and generated an area of stddev. Thanks a lot.

Hi @markub , happy to help. At this time you cannot directly change the color of just the alpha channel to different color. The option available to a user to to change the color of grouped line via legends which will also change the color of the alpha value to match. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @mohammadbakir ,
This is not solution for me. You change by this alpha value whole line. I need change only alpha channel of the area around line … This area represents a standard deviation. On the image you can see it hasn’t desired effect…

Thanks for understanding my problem.

Hi @markub, I completely understand how it is beneficial to modify the individual colors. I put in a feature request for this for our app team to review. Once a decision is made, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, do let me know if there is anything else we could assist you with.

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