Accidentally deleted user account in local - is there any way to recover user or projects?

While investigating an unrelated issue I incorrectly thought there was something wrong with the user as the local instance was having issues in the GUI. I tried a lot of troubleshooting steps, one of which I think included an attempt to recreate the account.

Is there a way to recover the data associated with the old account or to recover the account itself? I tried to dig around myself and found entries relating to the old user in the mysql database and was hopeful there was a way I could recreate the account or recover the data to a new user in our local instance. Is this at all possible?

A shot in the dark but If I deleted the old user_id and entity_id from the users and entities table and updated the new account to have the old user_id / entity_id would that potentially work?

Hey Andrew,

I’ll double-check with the team to see if there is a way to recover the account and get back to you.


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