A colleague accidentally deleted some projects, any chance to get them back?

Some of our teams projects were erroneously deleted by a colleague since he wanted to clean up his account and probably thought it were his own projects. Is there any chance to get the data back (I assume not, but worth a try…)?

Hey there, can you tell me the username and the project nanes?


One project was Weights & Biases. There are already new runs in there now I think. I don’t know the other projects by heart but I could ask around and gather a list. It was all the projects in the team.

Edit: With username you meant the user that deleted the projects? It was “tobycheese” I think.

Kind regards

Please check the names of the project. By username I meant the entity name where the projects were logged. If these were team projects then I need the team name.


The link above was weirdly formatted, it points to the team/entity. The name is “abiz”.

I will check the project names


Hey there, did you get a chance to check the project names?

Hi, I asked for feedback from my colleagues, it seems they were not actively using it at this moment so they are fine with the loss of data, as am I. I was not aware of this, sorry for taking your time. Thank you for your help anyway.

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