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First Special Session with Thomas Viehmann Announced here

Sundays at 8 AM PT | PyTorch book reading group hosted by @bhutanisanyam1

This is a safe and supportive space to ask questions about PyTorch and the PyTorch Reading Group. We’re all students here! :tea:



Can you please tell us what chapters will be covered in the next session? It would be helpful to know this in advance for each lecture.

Please make the colab and slides available for download, and, on youtube enable the automatic subtitles generation. One last thing, when listening with bluetooth earphones, on windows, the volume is quite low…

Sorry for the long list, and thanks in advance

Thanks for checking!

The Colab is actually just the book’s GH repository, I’ll upload the slides to the lesson thread shortly.

The sessions are paced independently of the chapter numbers, so during the first few meet-ups, we’ll cover more chapters, I aim to cover Chapter 3-5 in our next call.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll double check the recording and make sure it doesnt happen in the future.

Please keep it coming! It’s lovely to hear from you :slight_smile:

Feel free to ping me for anything :tea: Good Luck!