#1 JAX course - Interview with Cristian Garcia, JAX 201 and in the DL ecosystem

:sparkles:We’re beyond excited to welcome Cristian for an AMA on this first session.
Drop your questions for them in this thread now!

How to join?
:link: Webinar Registration - Zoom

:nerd_face: Besides the interview we’ll cover

  • JAX 201
  • JAX in the DL ecosystem

What will you learn?
To kick things off your host, Sanyam Bhutani will be creating notebooks on several topics like Numpy API, Difference between JAX and Numpy, Automatic Differentiation, Vectorization, PyTrees


What is Mark drinking? I hope its chai :smiley:

Aren’t JAX arrays immutable because JAX is functional?

Immutability of data is one of the core tenets of functional programming.



When is the jit() wrapper needed? What does it do? Skip if this will be covered or I should already have the idea. Thank you!

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Clean composability is really cool anywhere. You can just f(g(h(x))) - just like that!

It is very common in languages today, but that wasn’t the case before!

~ Rito

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Can you please ELI5 “scan” in this context?

~ Rito

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I am really a novice in Graph NNs.

Are Pytrees used in working with Graph NNs?

~ RIto

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Jraph uses a tuple of node/edge/graph feature tensors


Naive question: how does JAX compare to RAPIDS, especially in terms of the scope of its applications?

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Question for Mark:

Why does JAX double down on two-laguage paradigm which is a huge problem according to the Julia Community?

Is the two-language problem not much of a problem, when seen practically?

Not many people need to go down to low levels and write C++ code.

~ Rito

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Mark, So, it waters down to the old (pretty much solved) debate of Cathedral vs. The Bazaar, where two-language practically enforces the Cathedral model?

~ Rito

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As promised, link to the colab being discussed today: Google Colab


Thanks! Also, a sincere question, is the recorded video available too? I’m in Asia, the live time is midnight for me so can’t join, hoping I can pick up things by watching video.

Yes! All recordings are in this JAX playlist.

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Thanks!!! this is very helpful

HI @bhutanisanyam1 Sanyam / @lessing Andrea, I can’t find the link for notebook used in this session. Will it be shared? Sorry if I am missing something here.

@yuvraj Here is the link :point_up_2:

Thanks for checking!

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Seems like the link is dead. It says,

Video unavailable
This video is private.

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