Webhook Payload Automation Variables

I’m associating a webhook automation to my model registry artifacts, that makes a request to a Dagster server and calls our internal pipelines using the artifact’s metadata.
I know that I can access WandB from the Dagster side and retrieve the necessary metadata. However, it would be cleaner for our use case that that metadata was within the payload.

Basically, what I’m missing is being able to send the s3_uri (associated with the artifact’s file). In the docs, there are several payloads variables like ${artifact_version_string} , while hinting there could be more.

Where can we find a list of all available payload variables? And is there a way to send the corresponding s3_uri through the webhook automation?

Thank you!

Hey @ruippmendes, thanks for writing in! Just to make sure I understand your use-case, you’re creating a model artifact that references an s3 file and would like to access that uri in the automation, is this correct?

hey @luis_bergua1 , thanks for the quick reply!
We have several model artifacts, each with a reference to an s3 file. I added a webhook automation that calls Dagster. I wanted to know how to send that reference (URI to the s3 file) through the webhook request.

In Artifact automations | Weights & Biases Documentation (wandb.ai) , there are a couple of example payload parameters that can be sent through the webhook (like ${artifact_version_string}), which can be used to access the artifact from the Dagster side, which is also a good solution for us. But just for information, are there more parameters (relative to the artifact itself) that can be sent through the webhook payload?