Want to log Inference Progress

Hi Wandb,
I am running an Inference script on a huge corpus for a wav2vec ASR model. I want to log the progress on wandb (% of files completed) either as a progress bar or a changing label so that I can peacefully close the sagemaker notebook window and make sure the notebook still runs fine. How can I log the percentage completion (maybe like tqdm)?
Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

For now, I’ve logged the progress in the form of a linear graph (showing percentage and examples inference) manually updating them in each iteration. But wouldn’t it be a good feature to have a tqdm like progress bar in the wandb dashboard?

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Hi @spranjal25,

This is a nice idea. All of the logs printed during your run will be displayed in the logs tab of your run.
That’ll show your progress bar from tqdm. I do agree however that it would be a nice feature for us to add to be able to display a custom progress bar on your workspace, alonside your other plots. I’ll make a feature request ticket for this.

Great @_scott! Thanks for the quick response. Also, thanks for the ‘logs’ part, not sure why I never noticed it. I am able to see my logs but I think the earlier logs are replaced, I’m not able to see the TQDM progress bar. But I must say, you’ve built a great product with WANDB. Kudos!

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Hi, I’m glad you like our product so far. We actually have a ticket out to fix tqdm with wandb. I have increased the priority on it for you and I’ll keep you updated on it