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Hi, I have a account which is linked with my github account. Today, when I was chack my curve and suddenly the website cannot load, then it said I need to relogin. I log in with my github account and it said it’s empty and I need to create a new project. Because all my experiment is on my account (wandb/gloria_seven), and I didn’t save all data local, it’s near the due for the paper. Could someone helps me found what’s going on my acount.

Hi @believegloria ,

Good day and thank you for reaching out to us. Happy to help you on this!

If you haven’t made any actions like deleting your projects or team then I don’t think your data will be removed from wandb. However, I’d like to know how it looks like from your end when you said its empty upon logging in, can you share a screenshot for this?

Have you tried clearing your browser cache or using a different browser and try logging in again?


Hi, Paulo:
Thanks for your replay. I think my github is already linked with wandb. (pretty sure, cause I used it this morning.) But once my website stuck and it need me relogin. The website is

I can still found my account from history . But seems cannot log into that account
Now my code is still upload data into that account. But I cannot log in through website. With the same github account. Do you know why?

Thank you for sharing this information @believegloria. We’ll check this from our end and we will get back to you for an update

thank you very much… I am very urage cause neurips 's ddl is 5.22. Hope I can found my account :smiling_face_with_tear:, looking forward to your reply.

Hi @believegloria , do you have 2 accounts with W&B with 2 different emails? Could you please confirm which W&B account + email are you having issues with? This way we’ll be able to investigate further. Also, if you try to open a different browser and try to login to W&B, do you still land on the sign up page?

Hi~ My account which has an issue is gloria_seven + believegloria@gmail.com. The account is associated with my GitHub account. I opened a different browser this morning but is still lands on the sign-in page. Thanks for your help.

Hey, you have believegloria associated with this email address as seen on our end.

How are you trying to login with this email:

  1. Are you logging in via Github? or,
  2. via Google?

I think what might have happened is you removed the Github login method from your gloria_seven account and added to the believegloria instead. This might have caused the issue to pop up.
Please let me know if this is the case.

Could you try to remove login via your google account and see if that works?

Hi, anmolmann. I usually log in with my GitHub. But I tried another email that I used and it works. Now I can login my account and I will see what’s happened with my github later. Thanks for your help.

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No problem! Happy to help!