Wandb truncates stdout in run logs?

I’m running a personal wandb server using Docker. I have a script that prints to stdout:

Loaded 5000 training images.
Loaded 1000 test images.
59.3% of training images contain cats.
57.7% of test images contain cats.
epoch: 0

… and-so-on. However, when I view the run logs in wandb, I get the following:

5000 training images.
1000 test images.
of training images contain cats.
of test images contain cats.

At first, I thought the output was being “covered” by the sidebar, but a quick inspection of the page source shows that this is really what’s being captured. Any thoughts? Is wandb looking for some kind of formatted log output?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @tshead , thank you for writing in and reporting this. This is a known bug that we are actively investigating where the logs first characters are “cut off”. Our apologies for the inconvenience this causes. I’ve added your info to our internal tracking tool and will update you once a fix is in place. Please let me know if there is anything else I could assist you with in the meantime.

@mohammadbakir : Thanks for the quick response, good to hear it isn’t just me.


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Hi Timothy,

I wanted to let you know that the issue you were experience with local server logs first few characters being cut off has been fixed as our latest server release. Please do reach out again anytime we could be of help.