Wandb gray scale image does not show the black color

I’m trying to make a mask from the first image.
The mask consists of 0, 1 values and it has only one channel.
To check the image on Wandb, I used wandb.Image(image).
But the mask image do not show the black color, instead it describe the 0 value as gray color like second image.

How can I make the 0 value to the black color?

Hi @hyuntae93 , happy to help. I checked your segmentation project and it appears you did not assign masks to your images. Wandb will log the exact image provided to wandb.Image call. Were you intending to create overlays over the images?

Thanks for help @mohammadbakir .

I didn’t intend to overlay the mask over the image.
I intended to multiply the mask to the image for segmentation the image as the foreground and the background.

The third image is the result of mask \times input and the last image is the result of (1-mask) \times input.

Then is the gray color intended result for the 0 value? instead of black color?

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