Using WandB in Visual Studio Code

Dear community,

I want to use WandB locally in my VSCode project, but my Ipython kernel keeps dying. After restarting the kernel it always prints out the errore message: “Failed to detect the name of this notebook, you can set it manually with the WANDB_NOTEBOOK_NAME environment variable to enable code saving.” and “wandb: Currently logged in as: XXX. Use wandb login --relogin to force relogin”

I already tried to import os, as well as setting the environment variabele to my local notebook, but this didnt change a thing. I am using python 3.9.12

I hope you can help me in this matter

I don’t think this is related to W&B. You should try to fix your kernel crashing. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi @martin-woschitz thank you for reporting this issue. This first message is just a warning so it shouldn’t cause any issues running your code, also the second message is an informatio output about the user account that you’ve logged in. When does the Ipython kernel stops working, is it when you’re running a python script? would it be possible to make a new virtual environment and install wandb only there to test if that’s what’s causing the issue for you?

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