Undelete runs no longer available?

I deleted a run by accident and tried to recover it. However, I noticed there is undelete all runs option available from the dot menu on the overview page of the project.
Is there a way to recover a deleted run?
Thank you.

Hi @summer5e thank you for reporting this. The option to undelete runs should be available when you go to the Project’s overview page, and not in the Runs overview level. I have attached a screenshot of an example, the option can be found when you click on the three vertical dots:

Could you please let me know the name of your project to look further into this?

Thank you! I was clicking on the overview in the runs panel not information panel.
This solved my problem.

Glad to hear you got back your deleted run data @summer5e! I will close the ticket for now, and please reach out if you run into any other issue.

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