Tensorboard tab not displaying

Hi all,

I would like to display my TensorBoard (TB) tab for a run through the integration outlined in the wandb docs for TensorBoard.

I am using PyTorch (Geometric) and all is going well, except for the fact that no TB tab appears as in the example from the guide. What I have tried:

  1. Use sync_tensorboard=True in wandb.init. Later on create some SummaryWriter. Indeed my tfevents appear nicely in the files section as in your example run. However, no TB tab appears.
  2. Explicitly specify wandb.tensorboard.patch(tensorboard_x=False, pytorch=True) with some rootdir. Do not specify sync_tensorboard=True in wandb.init. Later on create a SummaryWrtier. Again, tfevents appear in Files but no TB tab.

Does anyone have advice for how to force the TB tab to appear?

Hi @laut thanks for reporting this issue. Following our discussion on Slack, I wanted to also mention here that TensorBoard tab is only on our public cloud instance wandb.ai, and isn’t currently supported in W&B Local/Server. This is actively worked on and I will follow up here once it’s released soon.

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