Sweep over pre-training, then sweep over finetuning

I’d like to pre-train a model under several different conditions, then finetune each of those resulting models. The simple way to do this would be two separate sweeps. But then I need to manually start the second one. Is there a way to combine these into one single sweep?

With a bash script, I can simply call pre-train and finetune in sequence, passing the respective arguments via a config file. Is it somehow possible to tell the respective scripts that they are part of the same sweep and should therefore use certain parameters?

Hi @sgerard,

I don’t believe so. A sweep is inherently tied to its config, so there is no way to have 2 different configs - one for pre-training and one for fine-tuning.

The only good way to do this currently is to have 2 sweeps to do this.


Hi @sgerard,

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