Summarize Complex Configuration Dictionaries

Is there a way I can access the nested dictionaries in the run.config object for custom panels, weaves and reports. Apart from sweeps, I am manipulating a variable space and logging them as an array to the config as below:

wandb.config.update({'observation/experiment': AN_ARRAY })

I would like to access and visualize/summarize this variable in text or weave form. However when I call run.config in a weave, this variable doesn’t show up even though I can see it in the run overview.
Thank you for your support!

Hi @gsaltintas ,

Thank you for writing in. Can you please provide me a link to your workspace as a reference and also list the specific panel you are attempting to perform this action. Thank you

Hi @gsaltintas ,

As we have not heard back from you regarding this request on weaves. I will be closing out this support request. Please do reach back out again if you have any questions or require additional support.



Hi @mohammadbakir,

Sorry for my late reply and thank you for your response. I replicated the issue in this project. I would like to access config.observation.experiment, which is a dict of the form {'observation/experiment': {'A': True, 'B': False}} but as you see in the sample panel I am unable to get a meaningful summary.

Gül Sena

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