Strange message when running wandb sync from commandline

I’m running wandb sync from the command line for offline runs in a cluster, and recently whenever I run it I get the message

Seen metric with glob (shouldnt happen)

being output in the console hundreds of times. It doesn’t affect anything; I can still see the runs synced to my account, but I don’t think this message should appear, given that it says “shouldnt happen” in the log line.

My wandb library version is 0.11.2 and my python version is 3.9.6, both installed via conda. I had the same version for quite a while and I didn’t run into this until a few months ago.

Hi Sanjeev, when you run wandb sync do you specify the path in it, for example: wandb sync --project path/to/run/directory, if not can you put the path name and see if this is able to help? Also, is there a reason why you want to use 0.11.2 instead of our most recent CLI version 0.12.19?

Hi Leslie, I run the following command to sync my runs:

$ cd /scratch/<job ID> && wandb sync wandb/offline-run-2022*

I tried

$ cd /scratch/<jobid>
$ wandb sync --project ./

but then it told me there were 5 runs to sync and that I should run wandb sync --sync-all. When I did that, I got the same message.

I’m using 0.11.2 because I didn’t upgrade, this is from an old installation. I’ll try that the next time I sync another run.