Show baseline score in plots


I’m training N models and I’m plotting on wandb their evaluation score. This results in having a run group where each panel has N plots, like in the figure below.
Screenshot from 2022-05-25 12-49-24

I want to also show a horizontal line that represents the baseline score that my model needs to beat. At the moment I’m doing that manually by adding an expression like baseline_value + 0 * ${evaluation}. However, this is ugly since N lines will be created with the same name as the model runs.

Is there a way to automate this, and only produce one line with a different name (e.g. 'baseline')?

Hey @federico-taschin, at the moment this is not supported in the app, but we have an internal ticket tracking this request. I’ll bump up its priority and let you know once there are updatess

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