How to compare (parameter & gradient) histograms from different runs?

Usually when logging a metric from different runs wandb will plot the results in the same graph (for different runs).

This is not the case for histograms, is there a way to compare the histograms from different runs other than manually switching between tabs that contain the histogram plots for different runs?

In general I’m curious what the best way to compare gradients between different runs is. Maybe just tracking the magnitude is enough and one doesn’t need histograms (I presume in this case, since the logging value is just a scalar the graphs from different runs would end up in the same plot)? Curious whether other engineers may have found this to be the case.

Hi Rudolf, I feel like you are asking two different questions here? Are you wanting to compare histograms or gradients. If you want to compare histograms, you can do so by creating a custom chart ( However regarding gradients through we currently don’t have a way to compare those charts. I can create a feature request ticket regarding this if you would like?

Hi Rudolf, do you still need help here?

Hi again Rudolf, since you haven’t responded I’m going to close out this ticket. However, please let me know if you want to continue this conversation!

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