Scatter plot instead of Line plot

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regarding the different chart types, I am somehow missing the option ‘Scatter plot’ next to ‘Line plot’, ‘Area plot’, and ‘Percent area plot’. Would be great if you could add this feature in the future (or in case it can easily be done somehow else, please let me know how it works – I already tried custom scatter plots, but it seems as if they are meant for comparing different runs, not matrices from a single run).

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I have been struggling with this as well. Would be very thankful about anyone’s help!
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Hi @aichberger and @sflattinger , you can log a custom scatter plot—a list of points (x, y) on a pair of arbitrary axes x and y, see here, or directly in the UI under + Add Panel, see screenshot. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you for the reply!
I have already tried to create scatter plots directly in the UI, but if I choose ‘Step’ on the x-axis and the metric of interest on the y-axis, each data point represents a total run within the project. However, I would like to plot the metric at each step of a single run (just like the line plot but without connecting the points). Also, changing the way this metric is logged isn’t possible retrospectively.

Hi @aichberger ,

You can create a line chart with a dotted non connected line through the legend category within chart edit. I believe that is what you are looking for, see image below. In terms of modifying how a metric is being logged, can you expand on your meaning behind this? You can currently update metrics for a run, after it has finished., see here.

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Yeah that is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
However, this has to be set for each run individually. This is why I suggested adding the option ‘Scatter plot ’ next to ‘Line plot’, ‘Area plot’, and ‘Percent area plot’.

Thank you @aichberger , we are currently enhancing and improving our chart options, I will make note of your comments and share them with our app team. If you have any additional questions, please do reach back out again. I will mark this matter closed for now.

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