Can I plot the value of a metric at a single step?

Typically, we can go to the table view to sort runs by their summary metrics. The summary metrics can simply be the last value logged, or it can be min/max/mean/etc.

However, say I have an evaluation process that runs over a number of steps—say 600 steps. I’d like to be able to figure out which run was the best after 10 steps, which was best after 100 steps, and so on. I can obviously log each of these as separate summary metrics. But is there a way to access these without knowing which steps I want ahead of time? Can I show them in either a table or a bar chart?

Ideally, I’d love to be able to slice into any line plot at a single point on the x-axis, and then just plot those points as a bar chart or table. Thanks for your help!

Hi @ntraft , this is actually very easy to do graphically! Click on the little edit button on the top right of your plot and you should get something like this. From here it’s easy to select the min and max X axis values so you can see which run performed the best after a certain step.

Thanks, @aidanjd. Ultimately I was hoping to sort the Runs Table by best performing model, or have a bar chart where the highest bar clearly showed the winner, but I think you’re right that I will have to do it visually by hovering over the line plot, or maybe download the raw data from the table and handle it in a notebook.

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Hi , I have a similar problem that I would like to have all my metrics in the table come from a certain time step. For example, I am comparing hyperparameters but all my runs have different number of steps:

Ideally, I would love to have a slider there that I can search through the steps and compare hyperparameters at different points in training. Isn’t there some kind of functionality to get every metric at step N in the Table overview at a Project?

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