Run.finish() hangs

I’m using wandb version 0.14.0 in an ipynb file using vscode as part of assignment 1 of the ‘Effective MLOps’ course (logging dataset as artifact and visualising data with a table)

When I execute run.finish() at the end of my file the cell hangs indefinitely with the message

Waiting for W&B process to finish... (success).

How much data are you logging? It might still be uploading in the background. You can check one of the debug.log or debug-internal.log files in the wandb folder to see if there is any upload activity happening

Hi @arthur-howard, thanks for reporting this! In addition to Morgan’s suggestion, could you please share those files for a specific run affected? They are under your local folder wandb/run-<date-time>-<run-id>/logs in the same directory where you’re running your code. Also, if you restart runtime on your notebook is the issue still raising or it only appears sometimes?

Hi @luis_bergua1 as Morgan suggested there is a rather large artifact uploading the debug log is 70,000 lines long and growing so I think everything is working as expected thank you!