Retrieving Models (Aliases) held in the Model Registry

I’m trying a new model management set-up leveraging the model registry. My previous model management loop would go and check for any new aliases in a model which contained the word ‘challenger’, these models would then be pulled through to an evaluation job against the current ‘champion’ model to check whether any new challenger models should be staged for evaluation by a ML Eng to decide whether it should be promoted to production.

The previous code used to do this was leveraging api.artifact_versions:

api = wandb.Api(overrides={"project": "test-project"})
artifacts = api.artifact_versions("model", "model-name")

This returns the different versions of that model which exist (with all the alias names) as a list of lists of aliases

When applying this same logic against a model-registry (collection) the api no longer works / isn’t able to resolve the items held in the model registry.

Is there a different way to access the items held in the model registry?

Hi @kayvane,
It looks like this doesn’t exist currently in the same way that it would for a standard Artifact. You can use wandb.use_artifact() which will return an Artifact object. The Artifact will have an attribute .aliases that you could check to automate calling an evaluation job. I may be misunderstanding exactly how you intent to use this though so feel free to clarify if this isn’t the solution you are looking for.

As a side note, I’d encourage you to check out our Launch feature that is currently in Beta. Some of the functionality of this is not yet built out but in the future this will be a solution for triggering these types of jobs automatically.

Thank you,

@kayvane I wanted to see if I was able to answer your question or if you still had questions around this?

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