Plot confusion matrix v2 groupby some config field


I am trying to use the confusion matrix (by wandb.plot.confusion_matrix). The proper table is logged, and I am also having the right panel in the run page.

Now, I have runs from multiple sources and I would like to group the results of these runs within the plot. I have seen that this option is available in wandb/confusion_matrix/v2. I went into the editor and add the correct config field that holds the “source” (just source name) But I could not group by that name (I can choose the “source” key in the right panel but could not get the data plotted)

I was suspecting the name filter there, But I could not understand what the name is used for.

Some help about what to do here would be really appreciated :blush: :blush:

Hello @tankwell , thank you for writing in and happy to help. Is it possible if you could share a link of your workspace and for privacy you can send it via email: and kindly include the ticket no. 65246. :slight_smile:


I had successfully created ~2d ago a new schema for the specific need based on what presented.
I used the v1 of the same scheme using groupby in the run selector, and added that later on to a separate report than the main workspace.

Thanks for the help!

Glad to know and thank you for sharing @tankwell we’ll mark this as resolved and feel free to write in again for any concerns.