Passing arguments based on search parameters in sweep

I’m running a grid-search sweep with a custom command of this sort:

project: my_project
name: grid_search
method: grid
  goal: maximize
  name: eval_accuracy
    values: [1e-5, 5e-5, 1e-4]
    values: [4, 8, 16]
  - ${env}
  - ${interpreter}
  - ${program}
  - "--run_name"
  - "${batch_size}_${learning_rate}"
  - ${args}

Note that when passing the --run_name argument I would like to condition it on the values of the search parameters batch_size & learning_rate. I do not want to do this inside my code because the format might change between sweeps and I want my code to be generic.

Is there a way to use the search parameters in other arguments? I tried using ${args_no_hyphens} before my command so the variables would be defined but it didn’t seem to work.

Hi @navehp, can you show me how you tried to use ${args_no_hyphens}? I think this should work for your use case but maybe I’m misunderstanding how it was used.

Thank you,

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