Programmatically running Sweeps using Hydra


I want to write a python script which runs multiple sweeps after another. My works with hydra, which I want to keep that way. Until now I was able to run sweeps using the command line and a config.yaml file which has at the end:

  • ${env}
  • python
  • ${program}
  • ${args_no_hyphens}
    Is there a way to bring this into the dictionary used in the function wandb.sweep in python?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi Kai,

Unfortunately, there is no way of bringing that to a dictionary.

The YAML-based sweep starts a whole process and a dictionary-based sweep starts a function.

So, there is no “command” parameter for dictionary-based sweeps, since you call wandb.agent and pass a function to it.


Hi Kai,

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Hi Kai,
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Hi Artisom,
sorry, it seems that I didn’t get a notification for your answer, thank you very much. I think I found a workaround for my problem, by adding this line to my dictionary it worked:

“command”: [

Best regards and sorry for the late reply


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