Parameter importance chart only limited to 1000 runs


I ran a large hyperparameter sweep with over 6k runs. However, the parameter importance chart is only limited to 1000 runs (see screenshot). Is there a way to increase this limit? If not, what alternative methods of computing the parameter importance do you recommend?

Hi @yanyiphei, thank you for writing in. Could you please point me to you workspace where you are experiencing this behavior with your parameter importance chart?

@artsiom here: Weights & Biases

Hi @yanyiphei! Apologies for the delay in response. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of raising the parameter importance chart above 1000 runs. I would love to submit a feature request for you to have this feature in the future, if you are interested. But as of right now, this is currently not possible.

i am interested, so please submit.

Gotcha! I have gone ahead and submitted your feature request!