Page scrolls when moving panels in the web UI on firefox


The only documented case of the issue I was having is here: Page scrolls when moving panels in the web UI - #4 by luis_bergua1 but this was closed 6 months ago. I am having the exact same problems in my dashboards and reports.

Are there any updates on this getting fixed?


Hi @iwishiwasaneagle thank you for following-up on this issue. This is a logged bug with the Engineering team, but there’s no ETA as of now yet. I will go ahead and increase the requests, and we will reach out to you here once it’s fixed. Please let us know if you have noticed this in another browser as well than Firefox. Thanks for reporting!

Hi @thanos-wandb, thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I have been using the
Chromium-based browser Opera to get around this issue. This is working perfectly with no issues.

Thank you @iwishiwasaneagle for the update. Good to know you aren’t blocked for now. We will reach out here once it’s fixed for Firefox users too. Have a great weekend!

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