Unable to create any new sweep from the web UI

For the last couple hours, I’ve been unable to create any new sweep using the web UI (creating them using CLI still works). Clicking on “Create sweep” gives the following error page:

The issue is happening on both Chrome and Firefox. I already tried common troubleshooting like clearing the browser’s cache. Anyone else experiencing this?

Same here, slightly different error on Chrome:

Is it likely that the official fix for this bug will be ready sooner? I meet the same problem after switching to a different computer :smiling_face_with_tear:

I also have the same problem on Chrome and on Edge. Another user connected to his account on my computer and did not have the issue while the bug still occured on his computer with my account logged in.

Hi @sherirto, @ael-quelennec , thank you for writing in. We would like to inform you that this is a known issue and we are aware of it, we will release a fix tomorrow.

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Hello @diegochine @giorgiac98 @sherirto @ael-quelennec

We would like to inform you that the fix for this issue has been released. We’ll mark this as resolved but feel free to reach us out if you encounter problem.