🆙[Need Assistance] Please assist me with convert my team to the academic research team

Hi team,

Can you turn my team ‘visual-intelligence-laboratory’ to a academic research team?

And help me to keep all the runs and projects in the ‘visual-intelligence-laboratory’.

My username is “stevezeyuzhang”

And I’m in one of the academic team ‘adelaiseg’, you can remove me from it.

Urgent! Please help me to do it asap! Thx


Hi @stevezeyuzhang I just responded to the other thread but can keep communication here. To move forward with the update, you will need to add an academic email to your account. This can be done through your settings page, Weights & Biases, under Emails. Once you’ve added your academic email we can proceed with the updates requested. Will close the other thread to continue everything here

Hi @mohammadbakir , thanks, i have verified my academic email end with flinders.edu.au. Please help me remove myself from ‘adelaiseg’, and turn my ‘visual-intelligence-laboratory’ into an academic team

Hello, I’m waiting for you to help me proceed. Email is updated

I’m still waiting guys…

Hi @stevezeyuzhang , please note support hours are 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday on a first in first out queue for our free users. We do our best to complete all requests in that order but do expect potential delays.

Thank you for adding your academic email to your account. As requested:

  • I’ve removed you from the team adelaiseg
  • Updated org visual-intelligence-laboratory-org to academic

Marking this solved but do reach out again if your require further assistance.

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