Multiple academic teams

I work at an academic organisation that works on completely unrelated projects with different groups at universities. I would like to have more than one academic team for this reason, is there any way to achieve this?

If not, in the worst case I’d like to leave my current academic team so I can create/join a new one, but I also cannot do that.

Hi @apjansen ,

Happy to assist.
Currently our Terms of Service allows academics to be part of a single Organization or Team. What we can help you is to remove you in your current team and then you can create a new one. Could you please provide your Profile link and Academic Team you belong with?


Ok, this will not affect the current team right, other than my leaving? I think I created it, but there are others with the admin role.

This is my profile and my current team

Hi @apjansen! This will not affect your current team. Can you confirm you would like to be removed from the team before I do that for you?

yes please do, thanks!

No problem! You’ve been removed from the team.

@artsiom Thanks, I have indeed been removed from my old team, but I am still not able to join a new one. I have asked my colleague to resend the invite, but that didn’t help either.
When I click the accept invite link in the email, it takes me to the team page (Weights & Biases), but all I see is that it has no public content and no members. I can create a team myself, but then my colleague may have the same problem…

Hi @apjansen , I can help! What is the team you are trying to join?

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