Metrics not showing up in bar plot

In this project Weights & Biases, I have a bar plot for the metric “final_val/iou”. My most recent two runs, “0p1_consistency_loss” and “new_consistency_loss” both log this metric, but don’t appear in the bar plot. How can I fix this?

The metric is clearly logged on the run page

However it does not show up in the bar plot on the project dashboard
[can’t upload more than one image]

Hi @jcoholich thanks for reporting this issue. There was a regression for a few hours on Friday that caused the Summary metrics to not display. Our Infra team has fixed the issue and backfilled any missing Summary metrics. I have checked your Project, and the bar plot seems to render fine. Please let us know though if you’re still experiencing any issue, or if this is now resolved for you.

Hi, run with ID k7bnezpc (the one in the screenshot above) still does not show metrics on the final_val/iou summary plot.

Hi @jcoholich thanks for flagging this issue, this should be now resolved by our Infra team. I have checked the run k7bnezpc and it seems all metrics appear in Summary. I will go ahead and close this ticket, but please let us know if you’re still experiencing any such issue and we will be happy to keep investigating.

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