Logged tables in reverse chronological order?

We have many logged tables. The table panel always appears in a chaotic order, making it very hard to find the desired table. Even A-Z sorting doesn’t really work as expected, the order is still chaotic.

Would there be a possibility for reverse chronological ordering? And/or accurate A-Z ordering according to the table title I presume?

Hi @turian, I’m seeing the same behavior as you. It looks like the order is determined by when the table data actually hits the server because I’m seeing the tables roughly in the order they are logged but several are out of order as you mentioned.

I believe any sort of chronological order sorting would require us to store additional metadata to the Table about when it was logged. I can request this if you’d like but I think the simpler solution would be to have Table panels respect the A-Z sorting since that would only require changes in the UI. Do you think this would be an acceptable solution?

Thank you,

Proper A-Z sorting would be a good workaround, yes.

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