Loading past runs in offline mode

So I just recently started using wandb local, tracking experiments running on the GPU cluster at the lab where I work, hosted at localhost on my machine.

I suspect I’ve misunderstood the setup at some point, but the problem I’m having is that every time I spin up a Docker container to run wandb/local, it requires me to create a new account, with none of my previous project data available through the web server, even though the files and metadata from all previous runs are saved to a persistent folder on my machine. I’m using the following command to set up the container:

sudo docker run --rm -d -v wandb_vol:/vol -p 8080:8080 --name wandb-local wandb/local

and run metadata is indeed saved to wandb_vol locally. However, each time I spin up the container again, I have to re-enter all my details and I see this:

when I click on “Get a free license” I get an error saying “Your account already has a deployment”, which is true, but is there a way to have a persistent account and project folders locally?

Hi @aidanm (great name/spelling). So wandb local is essentially hosting a local version of the site for users who don’t want to or can’t have their data on our servers. It’s not really meant to be spun up and down for each project but is meant to be a part of a team’s infrastructure. That being said, you should still have access to your locally stored information. ARe you able to inspect your volume inside your container with docker volume inspect <your-vol>?

Ok thanks! Yes I can access all the locally stored information and WandB logs, and inspect the volume in the container while it’s running, the problem was just that I couldn’t load past runs (from previous container instances) into the workspace on localhost, to directly compare metrics with current runs.

This problem, however, seems to have fixed itself? The last couple of times I stopped the container and then spun it up the next day, I don’t need to log in again and all the previous session’s metrics are still in the project workspaces. I’m not sure what changed or why it wasn’t working like that before!

Weird but I’m glad things are working now! Let us know if something like this happens again.

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