Is it possible to claim anonymous runs/projects in 2023?

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The docs describe that you can “claim” runs submitted anonymously. Here’s what the docs describe that I should be seeing:

However, when I submit an anonymous run and open it in my browser, there is no banner like the one shown above. Seems there’s no way to actually claim this anonymous model. Seems others may be having the same issue, going back as far as 2021.

Is it possible to claim these runs in 2023?

For reference, here is the code I ran to create the anonymous run:

import os
os.environ["WANDB_ANONYMOUS"] = "must"

import wandb

# project name not required, I just wanted to check if it worked with anonymous runs

# Log results from your training loop
wandb.log({"acc": 0.91})

# Mark the run as finished

Hi @nateraw, this is currently broken but we are working on a fix. I will update here once the engineering ticket has been completed.

Thank you!