Invalid filename characters exception on uploading image

Hi. I am using windows 10 & venv & python
this is my code to upload image to wandb

wandb_log["Image/train_image"] = wandb.Image('tmp.jpg')
wandb.log(wandb_log, step)

the full directory of image is “C:\Users\이준혁\Documents\Github\terenz\tmp.jpg”
However it creates this error

Media Image/train_image is invalid. Please remove invalid filename characters

reinstalling wandb did not help to solve this problem.
what should I do?

Hi Junhyuk,

This is a bug we have in our system that we are aware of. I’m going to boost the priority on the ticket we have for this and update you once it has been fixed. In the meantime, this bug is not present in 0.12.4, if this is crucial for your project.

Hi Junhyuk,

This ticket has been completed, please let us know if you still run into this issue!


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