How to use tensorboard and wandb?

I’ve used tensorboard in the past but I am wondering if I really even need it anymore…so my questions are:

  1. can I do everything in wandb?
  2. when is tensorboard useful or a good complement
  3. how do people use both if at all in general?


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I have used both Tensorboard and wandb. When I was using tensorboard, I was very reluctant to use wandb but once I got the hang of it, I never used Tensorboard again.

Wandb is far more superior to tensorboard in terms of experiment tracking and managing logs.

  1. Yes almost everything plus 100 new things
  2. Tensorflow is useful when you want to control your logs in local and the same can be done with wandb local (which I just got to know few days back)
  3. Answered already. Tensorboard is dead to me.



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