How does wandb.tensorboard.patch works?

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to move from tensorboard to wandb that seems more flexible and has some useful additional feature to customize plots.

In my code I defined two Tensorboard SummaryWriter; I’d like to import the plot associated to one of them in wandb.

In other words I want to include in wandb only a part of the tensorboard logs of my code.
Is it possible to do it?
If, for example, I have the 2 summaries stored in 2 different folders a and a/b

Sum1 = SummaryWriter('a')
Sum2 = SummaryWriter('a/b')

and I’m only interested in import Sum2 in wandb .

I thought that
wandb.tensorboard.patch(root_logdir='a/b', pytorch=True)
was the way but it doesn’t seem the case.
In fact I get this message:

e[34me[1mwandbe[0m: e[33mWARNINGe[0m Found logdirectory outside of given root_logdir, dropping given root_logdir for eventfile in a

I want that paths outside root_logdir to be ignored.
Apart from this page I did’t found a clear documentation about wandb.tensorboard.patch.
Any idea about how to proceed?

Have you been able to look at this doc (

Hi Emanuele, was the document I provided able to help you, or are you still running into this issue?

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